The June 2019 Harcourt News – The Core is now available to read online or at my office in Panton Street.

This issue features:

  • 21st Anniversary of Sorry Day
  • Freeway Roundabout Cleanup
  • Harcourt Ideas-a-thon
  • Harcourt Valley Primaery School – Whole School Activity at Wetland
  • Fireside Chat at the Harcourt Heritage Centre – The Birthday Book
  • Harcourt Playspace Update
  • Seeking Members for Harcourt Progress Association
  • Update on Harcourt Produce Store
  • UNESCO Bid by Bendigo brings international visitor to Blumes Bakery
  • Fruit Fly – New Monitoring System for Harcourt and Maldon
  • Nalderun Initiative
  • Station Building Begins at VMR
  • MASH helps Harcourt Valley Primary Go Solar
  • Architect turned Orchardist – Henry Robert Bastow

The Core can be read at:

Posted by:Maree Edwards MP