The Castlemaine District Community Health, in partnership with Castlemaine Community House and the Central Victorian Primary Care Partnership, as well as LGBTIQ+ residents  was one of 18 applicants to share in a $700,000 funding boost from the Victorian Government’s LGBTI Community Grants Program to build a better future. 

Member for Bendigo West, Maree Edwards today announced a $76,140 grant, and said it was another important step by the Andrews Labor Government to work with communities to improve the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and gender diverse and intersex (LGBTI) Victorians.

The $76,140 grant will help to benefit the local LGBTIQ+ communities by establishing a mechanism through which their specific health and well-being needs can be highlighted and addressed. This grant will support a community co-designed strategic plan, website and training for volunteers.

The grants will help organisations such as Friends Alike Bendigo and Central Victoria (FABCV) who received $80,000 to develop a local LGBTI leadership program to expand LGBTI support in central Victoria. FABCV will now be able to build the skills of local LGBTI community members, develop partnerships and build local LGBTI  organisational sustainability.

Victorian organisations like Australian X and Y Spectrum Support, Alphabet Soup and Transgender Victoria will grow their capacity to support the state’s intersex, transgender and gender diverse communities.

The LGBTI Community Grants Program has been established to foster the further development of a sustainable and skilled LGBTI sector in Victoria, with funding of $4 million over four years from the 2016/17 Victorian Budget.

For more information about the Victorian Government’s LGBTI Community Grants Program or to receive updates, please visit

“We all benefit from strong communities and those strong communities will only happen when all people are included and treated fairly, so for this government, equality is not negotiable.”

“Our local community health and wellbeing services make an important contribution to our community, and with this funding they can now expand their work to make an even greater impact.”

“With this new grants funding round , together we’re supporting people and organisations to grow their networks, skills and capacity so more LGBTI people can thrive and contribute to their local communities.”

Posted by:Maree Edwards MP