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Friday, 10 November 2017

Congratulations to Lockwood South Primary School for achieving 3 Star certification

The Member for Bendigo West, Maree Edwards has congratulated Lockwood South Primary School for reaching a major milestone in the ResourceSmart Schools program.

The School has been awarded a 3 Star certification for completing modules in the ResourceSmart Schools program as well as successfully meeting all requirements of the Star level.

Ms Edwards says becoming a ResourceSmart school is an aspirational goal for many and that the School is well on its way, setting the standards for other schools across Victoria. 

ResourceSmart Schools is an award-winning Victorian Government program that helps schools embed sustainability in everything they do.

The certification process is carried out three times a year with schools receiving star ratings and certificates in recognition of their completing program modules and improving their sustainability performance.

Star certification is a key marker and driver of improvement in the ResourceSmart Schools program with 5 Star certification being the highest.

Victoria currently has 47 Five Star schools and 707 schools with a one or more star rating.

Ms Edwards is encouraging other schools in the Bendigo West Electorate to sign up for the ResourceSmart Schools program if they haven’t already.

The program is run by Sustainability Victoria; more information is available here:

 “The efforts of the Lockwood South Primary School are yet another example that Victoria’s sustainability vision is in good hands.”

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