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Thursday, 27 July 2017


Bendigo West MP, Maree Edwards, today met with one of the 340 patients who have benefitted from the $2 million PET scanner at the new hospital. 

Patient Peter Oswald has melanoma and had chemo in 2015, he previously had PET scans in June 2016 and early 2017 at peter Mac, this May he had his most recent PET scan was done here in Bendigo. 

The new scanner is one of the biggest benefits for Cancer patients from the new hospital. The old hospital did not have a PET scanner so patients had to travel to Melbourne to have this diagnostic test. 

Ms, Edwards said the PET scanner enhanced the reputation of the Bendigo Cancer Centre as a life saver.

“Early detection of cancer is so important, so having a local PET scanner is vital for patients to get a local diagnosis and treatment.  It’s been a great step forward”.

 Director of Oncology at Bendigo Health, Dr Robert Blum said the scanner had been a boost to local services.

 “A major benefit of having a PET scanner here is that it makes it much easier for patients because they don’t have to travel for the scan, especially if they are having other tests it can make the day very long,” Dr Blum said.

 “With PET scans being done at Bendigo Health it is our staff who are reading the scans and at our multidisciplinary meetings they are able to present images and are involved in planning treatment. The people doing and reading the scans are part of our team and they are integral to what we do.

 “And occasionally we need an urgent scan and we can now get that done here”.

Bendigo Health Chairman, Bob Cameron, said the increased demand for the Bendigo Cancer Centre showed the confidence Central and Northern Victorians had in their new hospital.


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