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Friday, 6 March 2015


The Andrews Labor Government will embark on a landmark, $45.5 million effort to reduce the supply, demand and harm of a drug that’s ruining lives in Central Victoria.

Premier Daniel Andrews today released Victoria’s Ice Action Plan.

Member for Bendigo West, Maree Edwards, said while ice use is a complex problem, the Ice Action Plan deals with the things that cannot wait. It’s about supporting families, treating users and making our community safer.

Under the Plan, the Government will invest $4.7 million to help families identify and manage ice users and $1 million to support frontline workers who are at risk of getting attacked at work.

The Government will invest $18 million to expand drug treatment and rehabilitation, so users can get the help they need, and set up a dedicated Ice Help Line that directs families and health professionals to advice.

Ms Edwards said the Plan also includes new measures to reduce the growing supply of ice on our streets.

A $4.5 million plan to crack down on clandestine drug labs and tough new laws to stop dealers and manufacturers will make our community safer.

The Government will also invest $15 million for new drug and booze buses and provide $500,000 to help community groups tackle ice use in our local area.

A stable job means a stable life, and the Andrews Labor Government is improving the prospects of young, at-risk people in Central Victoria with the $1 billion Back to Work Plan and the $320 million TAFE Rescue Fund.

The work of the Premier’s Ice Action Taskforce will continue, with a long-term role to support the implementation of the Plan and advise the Government where more effort is needed.

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