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Wednesday, 18 February 2015


State Member for Bendigo West, Maree Edwards MP, has accused the Bendigo Liberal Party of treachery over revelations they dumped any plans to support funds for a new indoor pool at Kangaroo Flat prior to the Federal election held on 7/9/2013.

Disaffected Liberal Party members have told the Bendigo Weekly (6/2/2015) they (the Liberal Party) dumped any support for the pool at the time of the announcement for the Ravenswood Interchange on 30/8/2013.

But after that announcement, the Bendigo Liberals put out a letter to the Kangaroo Flat community claiming they were in favour of the project (letter attached).

“They tried to pretend they were in favour, when we now know from inside information, they had already dumped the project cold.”

“It’s treachery.”

“Tony Abbott’s Bendigo Liberals told us they were in favour of the pool, so it’s only fair they put the funds in.”

“I’m concerned that if Federal funds aren’t put in, then the council will have to further their cuts to aged care services, childcare services and HACC services.”

“It wouldn’t be fair that old and disabled people in our community have to bear the brunt of Liberal trickery. The Liberals wanted to deceive people that they’d back the pool, so it’s only right Tony Abbott comes up with the funds.”

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