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Wednesday, 11 February 2015


Bendigo West MP Maree Edwards today called on former mayor Cr Barry Lyons to publicly spell out why he did not make an application for Federal funds for the new Kangaroo Flat pool, even though he had declared the funds were needed after last year’s State Budget.

The City Council originally said they needed a contribution from the State and the Federal Governments for their number one project to go ahead. The State has agreed to put in $15 million.

“Why didn’t the Cr Lyons led Council make an application to the Federal Government?   Kangaroo Flat residents are flabbergasted that the Council hasn’t done it.”

Cr Lyons welcomed the State Government contribution of $15 million in May, 2014 and declared that they would be seeking Federal funds.

On 22/5/2014 Cr Lyons declared:  “We will go up (to Canberra) still hoping to get $10 million.  We’re committed to it and definitely need at least $5 million from the Federal Government” (Advertiser 22/5/2014).

Ms Edwards demanded to know “why has no application been made then?”

“Kangaroo Flat people have always been told the new aquatic centre is the Council’s number one priority, but now it has been revealed the Council has been telling the Federal Government the airport is their number one priority”.

“The State Government has a $15 million grant for the pool if it goes ahead.  Obviously we want to still see it taken up, as otherwise it will be lost to Bendigo.”

“Kangaroo Flat people deserve answers from Cr Lyons.”

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