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Thursday, 7 August 2014


Member for Bendigo West, Maree Edwards tabled a petition this week from the Kalianna school community containing 4198 signatures, all gathered by the hard work and dedication of parents, grandparents and carers of students at the school..

“This petition was presented to Leader of the Opposition, Daniel Andrews and Shadow Minister for Education, James Merlino by members of the school community.”

“The school community has gone to the broader community and put in a significant time and effort to put forward a petition calling on the Government to provide funding for their school.”

“Special thanks should go to grandmothers, Marg Rogers and Val Oppat, who spent many hours at shopping centres and doorknocking to collect signatures.”

In a statement to Parliament today, Ms Edwards slammed the State Liberal/National Coalition Government for the unacceptable delays in the provision of much needed works at the school.

“Kalianna Special School community has been left in limbo after last year being advised of being allocated maintenance funding – then nothing.”

“Only after a recent, significant media campaign about the delay did the Government announce that the required works would be put to tender.”

“It has gone to tender, tenders have closed, but still there has been no announcement of who the successful tenderer is or when these much needed works will commence.”

“The delay in the delivery of this funding and the slow tender process means that this school in unlikely to have any work started let alone completed before the start of next year.”

“This is absolutely unacceptable.”

“The job cuts at the Department of Education as well as moving the Bendigo regional office to Coburg has meant that these types of delays are becoming more and more prevalent.”

“The parents, carers, teachers and most importantly the students at this school deserve better than this.”

“I call on the Minister to tell the Kalianna Special School community, just when these urgently needed works will start.”

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