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Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Member for Bendigo West, Maree Edwards today slammed the Minister for Planning for his indifference to the Maldon community’s request to halt further progress on the Tarran Valley Estate Development.

Ms Edwards said that Planning Minister is the ultimate responsible authority and should intervene right now to set things straight.

“Minister Guy has various powers at his disposal and within his department and could step in right now and fix this”.

“The Ventnor issue at Phillip Island is a perfect example of the powers that the Planning Minister has given himself through legislation”.

“The proposed development needs to weigh up against new government policy. As it stands the proposed development does not comply”.

“Nor does it comply with the Shire of Mount Alexander’s own guidelines for a Rural Living Zone”.

“The Minister must have the whole project comprehensibly re-assessed against his own Government’s criteria and policy – anything less would be a grave injustice to the Maldon community, and would reflect an ominous indifference from the Minister”.

“The Shire of Mount Alexander also needs to get on board by lobbying the Minister in support of the Maldon community’s request for a halt to this development until it has been re assessed and they have had an opportunity to have their say”.

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