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Wednesday, 8 May 2013


The Golden Square CFA volunteers and community will be very disappointed to hear that there has been no money to purchase land to build the new Golden Square CFA station in today’s State Government budget, Member for Bendigo West, Maree Edwards said today.

The Golden Square CFA is in desperate need of a new station but require appropriate land to be purchased before planning works can go ahead. 

The Golden Square CFA have been lobbying for some time to have a new station and it was expected that this budget would see the Liberal National Government commit funds to allow land purchase.

“The current Minister for Police and Emergency Services, Hon. Kim Wells, should well remember the Golden Square CFA as he committed to build a new station at Golden Square should the Liberal’s form Government way back in 2006.”           

“He was then the Shadow Minister for Emergency Services and on visiting the station declared it ‘among the worst’ he had visited.”

The Minister also said back in 2006…

“…The Golden Square brigade requires a new facility to ensure it can work at its most efficient to provide the best possible fire service to the Bendigo community...”

“…We are committed to providing a new facility at Golden Square...”

“Well Minister Wells where is it?”

“Labor announced in 2010 that a new CFA station for Golden Square was a priority and would be completed by 2016,” Ms Edwards said.

“However, this Liberal National Government has walked away from their pre 2006 rhetoric and there has been no mention of funding to purchase land for a new station in Golden Square.”

“Cutting $41 million from the CFA budget last year could explain this.”

“Once again the Minister has revealed he is all bluster and no substance.”

“The Golden Square CFA volunteers and the community have been hoodwinked by this Government.”

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