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Monday, 17 December 2012


State Labor figures reveal the extent of the damage caused by the Baillieu Government’s budget cuts in health, with regional and rural hospitals missing out on hundreds of thousands of dollars, Member for Bendigo West, Maree Edwards said today.

 Ms Edwards said the figures broke down the $616 million worth of cuts made in the first two Baillieu State budgets, showing that Castlemaine Health is estimated to have missed out on $320,000 in funding from the State Government.

 “Victoria’s health system is buckling under the pressure caused by a chronic lack of funding from the Baillieu-Ryan Government,” Ms Edwards said.

 “Our analysis suggests that the $616 million in cuts made by Mr Baillieu has resulted in Castlemaine Health missing out on about $320,000 in the past year alone.”

 “In fact, Mr Baillieu’s cut will mean that Castlemaine Health will miss out on over $1.058 million over the next four years.”

 “This money could have allowed Castlemaine Hospital to undertake more surgical procedures, provide better care or invest in better facilities.”

 “Instead, our doctors and nurse have to work without the support they deserve.”

 “No wonder Mr Baillieu and his Health Minister, David Davis, are currently running a political campaign blaming their mismanagement on the Federal Government.”

 Ms Edwards said Victoria’s health system is already under huge pressure as a result of the State Liberal/National Coalition Government’s cuts.”

 “I have already heard stories of local families struggling to access the care they need in the Castlemaine region,” Ms Edwards said.

 “More people in life threatening situations are waiting longer for an ambulance; those ambulances are waiting longer outside hospitals for beds to become free, while more than 8000 people have been added to the State’s elective surgery waiting list.”

 “Mr Baillieu should stop playing politics with our health system and reinstate the money he has stripped from our hospitals now.”

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