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Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Documents obtained under Freedom of Information (FOI) show the Liberal National Government’s promise to connect natural gas to Maldon is unlikely to be delivered, Member for Bendigo West, Maree Edwards said today.

 Ms Edwards said departmental briefing notes released to the Victorian Labor Opposition under FOI demonstrated that the Liberal National Government were told back in April of the problems surrounding connecting natural gas.

 “These FOI documents prove however that the government has known since April that the gas distribution businesses believe that it is not viable to connect gas to Maldon.

 “This is yet another throw away promise from the Baillieu Ryan Government to local families,” Ms Edwards said.

 The Regional Development Victoria briefing note of 23 April 2012 states:

 “All three Victorian DBs (distribution businesses) have identified capital constraint and an insufficient return on investment as the key obstacles to participation in the program. They argue that the Victorian gas distribution system already extends to (and beyond) the point which makes sense for a distribution business."

 “The briefing note also highlights problems plaguing the latest phase of the Energy for the Regions Program and that is also unlikely to succeed”.

 “There  is  a  significant  risk  that the next phase of the Program(intended  to  be  a centralised tender process) will not produce any further  proposals  capable  of  being negotiated to acceptable terms” (Departmental Briefing Note, 23 April 2012).

 “It seems the only energy being produced by the Baillieu Liberal National Government is a lot of hot air”.

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