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Friday, 9 November 2012


The Liberal National State Government cuts to the solar rebate from 25 cents down to 8 cents has caused regional job losses and a lack of incentive for people to install solar, Member for Bendigo West, Maree Edwards said today.

“The State government’s decision to reduce the solar feed in tariff has forced local solar installer Stephen Breheny of Castlemaine to put off six of his nine staff”.

“Previously at least two installations were being done a day, but with the lack of incentive now for people to install solar, Mr Breheny is installing less than one system a week”.

“Last time the State Government reduced the solar rebate it dropped from 60 cents to 25 cents and we saw a lot of people miss out on the cut off for the higher rebate. Again people have been caught out by the Government’s decision to slash the rebate down to just 8 cents and with a severe shortage of solar inspectors in the region, almost all of Mr Breheny’s customers have missed out on the cut off at 25 cents”.

“Other installers across the region are facing similar setbacks”.

“The Liberal National Government has sent this State backwards when it comes to solar initiatives. They have an ideological agenda that is seeing alternative energy sources such as wind and solar put on the backburner in favour of continued use of brown coal”.

“The solar industry was booming under Labor with a 60 cent rebate incentive with more and more people turning to alternative energy use, and this was creating many new job opportunities. Now we are seeing regional job losses and less and less people installing solar because the Government has taken away any incentive to do so”.

“The Liberal National Government has no plan to create jobs in regional Victoria and jobs are being lost in the alternative energy sector as a result of their ideologically driven agenda”.

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