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Thursday, 22 November 2012


Having pressured the Government and the Minister for Planning and Minister for Water for months about finding a solution to the potable water planning debacle they are finally moving on this issue, Member for Bendigo West, Maree Edwards said today.

 Yesterday the Government was given a copy of the proposed motion that Labor was putting before the Upper House.

 “Curiously today we have an announcement from them’.

 “Without the pressure from the Landowners Action Group and many constituents in Bendigo West who have contacted me the Government would still be dragging their feet in finding a solution”.

 “Sadly this announcement is for a pilot project in the Mansfield Shire only”.

 “It also places pressure on cash strapped Local Governments to produce a Domestic Waste Water Management Plan - which was always the get out clause in guideline one”.

 “It is also unclear how long it will take Mansfield Shire to produce a Domestic Waste Water Management Plan and then for that plan to be evaluated and then potentially copied by other Shires - this could be months or even years”.

 “The announcement leaves many questions unanswered - Will there be financial aid from the State Government to other Shires to implement their Waste Water Management Plans? Or will Local Governments be expected to foot the bill”?

 “It would seem that people in the Mount Alexander Shire and beyond will have to wait some time yet before there is an end to this planning debacle for them”.

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