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Friday, 14 September 2012


Member for Bendigo West Maree Edwards said today that the Baillieu Ryan government had ignored community opposition to its new planning legislation and slammed through parliament its VicSmart planning legislation that will rob people of their right to protect the value of their home and lifestyles, despite community opposition to the new laws.

 “Without any consultation, without any thought to the impact that these new laws will have on heritage towns or individual communities the Baillieu Ryan Government has again told the people of Victoria that this is the way it will be under their government”.

 “VicSmart will result in people being stripped of their rights to be notified and also stripped of their rights to appeal to VCAT against property developments in their neighbourhood.”

 “People’s homes are the cornerstone of financial security. Your home is not only the place you and your family live. It is also your most important financial asset,” Ms Edwards said.

 “And it is not only the home that is the asset but also the community that your home is in. The community members should not have the control of development taken away from them, which is what this legislation intends to do.”

 “At a time when Victorian property values are already being hit because of the Baillieu Ryan Government’s lazy economic management, opening the gates to open slather development in regional towns will drive house prices down further.”

 “Mr Baillieu and Mr Ryan need to understand that these changes go too far. The Premier has given his Planning Minister carte blanche to sign off on new developments, new building works and building alterations. This kind of individual power is a recipe for disaster particularly given the Planning Minister is already under a cloud with previous decisions he has made that benefit his developer mates.”

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