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Wednesday, 15 August 2012


In Parliament tonight, Member for Bendigo West, Maree Edwards called on the Minister for Planning to end the planning deadlock that has engulfed Central Victoria.

“I call on the Minister establish an Independent panel consisting of Local Government representatives, members of the community and the Water Authorities to work out a solution to end the planning permit deadlock across rural and regional Victoria”.

“A decision made by VCAT in February and subsequently upheld in the Supreme Court has paralysed planning approvals across 27 Shires in Victoria including the Mount Alexander Shire where 95% of the Shire is affected because it falls within the catchment areas of Eppalock, Cairn Curran and Laanecoorie”.

“The Minister must have known about the VCAT decision back in February. I have been aware of the planning debacle since late March when constituents started to contact me. In May the Minister started to receive requests from me on behalf of constituents to intervene and address this problem.  So far not a peep from the Minister!”

“This problem is now at the point where the Minister cannot ignore the pleas of hundreds, potentially thousands of people across regional and rural Victoria who are being unjustly penalised, unfairly treated and totally ignored because the Minister has made no move or given any indication of what he proposes to do”.

‘What I am suggesting is an opportunity for the Minister to take some action on this debilitating issue’.

“He must consider the use of an Independent panel to investigate the best way to resolve this impasse, so that Local Councils, families and individuals can get on with their plans for the future”.

“The Minister must untangle this appalling mess”.

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