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Monday, 9 July 2012


 Police Minister Peter Ryan has admitted he will not meet his election promise to have two Protective Services Officers (PSO) patrolling stations across the Bendigo line, Member for Bendigo West, Maree Edwards MP said today.

 Ms Edwards said the Deputy Premier revealed his policy won’t be fulfilled as promised, because Victoria Police have the authority to remove PSOs and deploy them elsewhere, most likely in crime hotspots in Melbourne.

 “Peter Ryan’s PSO policy continues to unravel, with the Deputy Premier outlining he can’t dictate to Victoria Police where to deploy the PSOs,” Ms Edwards said.

 “This is a major embarrassment for Mr Ryan, which means that the Chief Commissioner could remove PSOs meant for Bendigo, Kangaroo Flat, Castlemaine and Eaglehawk stations and redeploy them in Melbourne, if he sees it as a priority.

 “It has taken 20 months for Mr Ryan to admit that he is powerless to fulfil his promise to regional commuters.”

 Ms Edwards said the PSO policy, which has been marred with disruptions, was Peter Ryan’s pet project.

 “Peter Ryan made this policy a central plank in his pitch for election in 2010, but only now can he admit that it is fundamentally flawed,” Ms Edwards said.

 “The policy has been plagued by a failure from the start to plan for basic facilities, such as toilets and detention facilities.

 “Mr Ryan has managed to achieve none of his own timelines after the recruitment process stalled – the policy is now both over time and over budget.

 “Mr Ryan also revised the quota of PSOs for regional areas, initially promising 13 stations would be staffed but only budgeting for four – and we still don’t know which stations they will be.

 “Now regional commuters learn of the ultimate betrayal – they might not see patrols on their station at all.

 “This is another example that his government either does nothing or gets it completely wrong.”

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