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Friday, 15 June 2012

New Castlemaine Secondary College Years Away Thanks to Coalition

New Castlemaine Secondary College Years Away Thanks to Coalition


The Coalition will deliver only $1.94 million despite its promise of $7 million at the last state election for the first stage of the new Castlemaine Secondary College, Member for Bendigo West Maree Edwards said today.

“The Education Minister is skiting about a $7 million allocation to the school but the budget papers clearly show that there is only a measly $1.94 million allocated and most worrying is that there is no mention of future funding in the forward estimates”.

“Despite urging the Minister in Parliament on several occasions to allocate the full amount, the Coalition has failed to deliver on what it promised”.

“While the school can be pleased that they have received some funding - it is well short of what is needed to get this new school well and truly underway”.

“The estimated cost of the completed new school is around $28 million – so it is clear that a new Castlemaine Secondary College is years away thanks to the Coalition government’.

“It is time the Minister for Education and the Coalition government stopped spruiking a commitment that they have not and have no intention of delivering”.

“While they have slashed millions from public education – including from the TAFE sector, they continue to gloat over a commitment to the Castlemaine Secondary College that falls well short of what the school needs and well short of what the Coalition promised them’.

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