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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Health Minister Fails to Rule out Two Site Hospital

Health Minister Fails to Rule out Two Site Hospital

 The Health Minister, David Davis yesterday in Parliament failed to rule out the new Bendigo Hospital being on one site as promised repeatedly by the Coalition, Member for Bendigo West Maree Edwards said today.

“The Minister has failed to give a guarantee to the Bendigo community that a hospital built on one site will be the Coalition’s decision”.

“The Minister had every opportunity during Upper House question time yesterday to rule out a two site option and failed to do so. The Minister could not have wriggled and squirmed more if he tried”.

“While the Minister did confirm the cancer centre would be on one site he failed to say on just which site that would be”.

“The Minister is treating the people of Bendigo and the region with contempt because he refuses to say if the cancer centre will be on the same site as the new hospital as the Liberal National government have promised”.

“If the Minister cannot be up front about this matter in the Parliament then there is every reason to believe that he and the government members in Bendigo will continue to play a misleading and untruthful game with the people of Bendigo”.

“The government needs to get on with this major project– and they need to be upfront with the people of Bendigo all the way and not hide behind their Ministerial evasive words”.

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