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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Edwards Calls on Roads Minister to Relocate Unsafe, Unused Pedestrian Crossing

Edwards Calls on Roads Minister to Relocate Unsafe, Unused Pedestrian Crossing

 Member for Bendigo West, Maree Edwards in Parliament yesterday called on the Minister for Roads, Hon Terry Mulder, to instruct VicRoads to reassess the location of a pedestrian crossing located in the front of residences 28 through to 32 Eaglehawk Road, Ironbark.

  “Following the recently completed upgrade works to the intersection of Eaglehawk Road and Don Street residents along the Eaglehawk stretch of road have expressed serious concerns with the location of the ‘dedicated’ crossing.”

 The new ‘dedicated’ crossing forces school students to dog-leg across four lanes of traffic. After crossing to the other side they are then confronted with another four lane crossing to get to their school.”

 “In the safety audit conducted by Traffic Works on behalf of VicRoads the location and safety of the pedestrian crossing was addressed, but not the usage. The audit referred to this crossing as the only ‘designated crossing point along this section of Eaglehawk Road, and that it met the needs and expectations of pedestrians.’”

 “Unfortunately, the pedestrians were not consulted and the safety audit failed to note that there is an alternative crossing 100 metres further along Eaglehawk Road ideally suited for all members of the public,” Ms Edwards said.

 “This alternative crossing is located in a more logical location; located near the busy fruit and vegetable store, the local medical centre, Garden Gully sporting reserve and, more importantly, close to the bus stop that is utilised by the school bus.”

 “This crossing does not have pedestrian lights but it has the signal pads for the visually impaired and, of course, it is the crossing that all pedestrians use as it is the most convenient. This is highlighted by the news that one of the crossing supervisors will lose her job at the end of the financial year as Vic Roads has informed her that her services are no longer required because of the lack of use of the ‘dedicated’ crossing!”

 “Relocating the pedestrian crossing further down Eaglehawk Road would allow the majority of pedestrians who congregate at the Ironbark business area a safer and more practical crossing point. For the children using the school bus and being dropped off in this area there would be easy access to the school pathway.”

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