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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Labor’s Successful Pilot on Sex Abuse Centres Recognised by Coalition

Member for Bendigo West Maree Edwards said today that the announcement of a multi-disciplinary centre in Bendigo to tackle the rising incidents of child abuse and sexual abuse was testament to the success of the pilot programs put in place by Labor.

In Government, Labor set up pilot centres in Mildura, Frankston and planned one for Geelong – which is now getting underway”.

“An evaluation of these pilots has proved that the co-ordinated and multi-agency approach is the best model for tackling this horrendous social problem”.

“I’m pleased that the Coalition government has realised the value of this approach and has funded the continuation of these centres and that one is now planned for Bendigo”.

“It’s a shame the Coalition didn’t realise the value of these Centres over a year ago for the sake of the victims and have only just realised how successful they are”.

“It is now incumbent on the Coalition Government to get this centre up and running without delay”.

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