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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Budget Hoax for Castlemaine and Bendigo

The Baillieu Ryan 2012 budget is a hoax budget and a horror budget for regional Victorian families, who were hoping the Government, would come up with a plan to save jobs, Member for Bendigo West, Maree Edwards said today.

“The Treasurer failed to mention jobs in last year’s budget and this year barely managed to say the word once”.

“The budget does not deliver on promises but has deceived the electorates into believing they have received the funding for schools and hospitals that they were promised.”

Examples are:

Castlemaine Hospital
-Upgrade funds of only $500,000 in this year’s budget of a promised $10m.
-$5m in 2013-14, $4.5m in 2014-15
-No details of what the funding is, only specified to be upgrade.
-Is it planning money, is it demolition funds?
-What sort of consultation process will be done?
-What sort of provision is there to deliver the very best hospital upgrade?
-If the planning process calls for more funds the Government must commit to more than the miserly $9.5m for the upgrade.

Bendigo Hospital
-$81.5m missing from the funding
Of the total hospital expenditure proposed for the new Bendigo hospital the Coalition’s commitment is 16%.
Castlemaine Secondary
-Only $1.995m, to be exact, out of $7m. No date on the remaining $5m in the FE.
-The total cost of a new Castlemaine Secondary College is $28 million
-It’s far less initial funding than other school projects are receiving for initial funding. Some are receiving half or a third of beginning funding. Castlemaine is only receiving a quarter, and it’s not clear what it’s for.
-In Coalition held seats such as Seymour,- the Seymour Secondary College is receiving the total $7 million of the promised $7 million

Golden Square Primary School
-$5m promised, only $1m is provided, another $4m is unclear. No date on the remaining in the FE.
-Only construction of admin and one new area. Is the school going to have to cope for years with a half-completed project because the Government can’t find the funding?

Eaglehawk Primary School
-Total funding apparently spent of $2m. $1.077m has been finally committed. I ask whether this will finish the project or whether there’s expected to be an overrun, and if that project is any indication then the Government’s going to have to hope against hope that its future budget-balancing failures won’t get them into trouble with the CURRENT list of projects which are going to require that ongoing commitment. They’re sailing close to the wind.

“In addition to these hoaxes there is no funding for the Ravenswood interchange – a project that the now Minister for Agriculture Peter Walsh was calling for when in opposition but now in Government has failed to deliver.”

“The failure to fund this major upgrade will mean that this intersection will continue to be unsafe for the thousands of people who use the Calder”.

“The Government has also announced an additional 600 public service jobs will go making the total job losses in the public sector 4200, this is despite the Premier saying when he came to Government that he would not attack the public sector”.

“In addition the scrapping of the first home owner’s bonus, the scrapping of the school start bonus for preps and year sevens, the slashing of the education maintenance allowance and the school support programs such as speech therapists and social workers will all be blows for families in regional Victoria”.

“The downturn in the real estate market will not be helped by the ending of the first home bonus, and it will also mean less construction jobs”.

“Families have been the real losers in this budget as have workers in the public service and the manufacturing sector. There is still no real plan to grow jobs, no real plan for investment in infrastructure in regional Victoria, and no vision for the future”.

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